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A high-performance floor sealant with ceramic particles, warranted for up to 10 years*.


Refurbish your floor rather than replace and save up to 60% in Capex.

Anyone can re-colour a floor but it’s the topcoat that makes the difference. Wearmax creates a ceramic surface on top of your existing floor and offers long-term protection.


Wearmax Ceramic Coating is a unique floor seal that can significantly increase the appearance and lifespan of heavily worn floors in commercial environments.  It offers long-term protection against wear, abrasion and dirt, whilst complying fully to UK slip resistance requirements.


It can both restore and re-colour the existing floor, completely transforming any workspace or business environment at a fraction of the price compared to total floor replacement. It is suitable for internal application to vinyl, lino, marmoleum, other resilient surfaces, wood and smooth concrete.


With Wearmax there is no need for extensive maintenance as it can be cleaned simply and effectively with just water. The innovative technology behind Wearmax leaves no need for polishing, buffing, stripping or sealing.


Wearmax Ceramic Coating is the ideal cost-effective flooring solution for healthcare and education establishments, prone to high levels of footfall.


Wearmax Benefits:

  • Cost effective - capex saving (up to 60%), reduced core cleaning costs (15%) and increased labour efficiency

  • Long lasting -guaranteed for up to 10 years*

  • Highly slip resistant - typically 36+ (BS7976) in the wet

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Increased protection against wear, abrasion and scratches

  • Reduced black marks and traffic lanes


Wear through warranty only, up to 5 years in commercial and up to 10 years in healthcare, excluding mechanical damage, see warranty terms.

​​​     Wearmax Case Studies 


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