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Traffik are an aftercare maintenance provider for carpets and hard floors. We work in partnership with manufacturers, FM companies and healthcare providers to implement sustainable floor care solutions and to support with any maintenance issues on their behalf.

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danfloor manufacture and distribute carpets to the healthcare, education and commercial industries.

Traffik has been an aftercare partner to danfloor for more than 9 years, providing guidance and support to their clients on effective carpet maintenance.

We work with danfloor to protect your investment in flooring by advising on the best cleaning regime and to resolve any future issues with spots and spills.


Desso manufacture cutting-edge carpets for commercial businesses with high-quality, superior designs.


Sustainability is key for Desso who are on track to make all of its products according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles by 2020.


Traffik has been an aftercare provider to Desso for more than 25 years, advising on carpet care and maintenance issues on their behalf. We work in partnership with Desso to prolong the life of their carpets and improve overall environmental footprint by reducing carpet landfill.

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