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Cleaning guidance for re-opening your business safely and securely

With the Government now requiring businesses to reinforce their cleaning processes and to provide regular enhanced cleaning, now is the time to implement the correct maintenance procedures.

With over 30 years experience providing cleaning and disinfecting services to UK businesses, we can support you in building and sustaining a safe, healthy and pleasant workspace.

Our Six Safe Steps for Getting Back to Business 

  • Installation of social distancing stickers, markers, signage and screens.

  • Installation of alcohol gel points and availability of temperature checks

  • Deep cleaning and disinfection

  • Ensuring appropriate PPE

  • Increasing cleaning schedule and enhancing surface preparation

  • Social Distancing

We provide can provide the following coronavirus cleaning support services:

} Deep Cleaning Carpets, Hard Floors and Upholstery
We offer deep cleaning and disinfection of all areas to include carpets, hard floors and upholstery. Our deep clean will tackle the toughest stains and contaminants and reinstate your floor covering or upholstery.

We can provide a deep cleaning service to you, or train your in-house team to deliver an effective deep clean and disinfection service direct.

} Disinfectant Cleaning Services - Disinfection Fogging

We can provide a ‘touchless’ fogging service or can supply systems that will ‘dry’ fog rooms and office spaces using a non-allergenic and totally safe disinfectant solution (ECA). Our proven disinfection solution effectively tackles spores, virus and bacteria.

Our fogging service is free with carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleans (subject to min 300 sqm).


} Disinfectant Spray

Make your own disinfectant solution on-site and on demand with Toucan ECA systems. The non-allergenic and 100% recyclable solution produced will de-activate or kill 99.999% of spores, virus and bacteria on contact and it will replace up to 85% of the harsh chemicals you use on a daily basis.

} Toucan ECA Solution

  • Certified to both EN 1276:2019 and 13607:2015

  • Safe for use in food preparation and is listed under Article 95 of the EU Biocides regulations.

  • Ideal for safe, frequent cleaning of surfaces and touch-points

  • Low cost to produce

  • We can supply the Toucan systems for your use.

} Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Surgical or FFP2/KN95 masks, Nitrile gloves and Alcohol gel are available from us to optimise cleaning.  

} Social Distancing in the Workplace

Following an update in government guidelines; should you choose to, we can assist with the removal of social distancing stickers and the removal of adhesive residue on carpets and hard floors.  


We are here to help. To book in for a deep clean or disinfection service, or for any cleaning advice please contact us direct.

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