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With the impending return to work thoughts are turning to the complex task of ensuring a safe business environment for all - reducing the chances of spreading the virus and optimising cleaning standards and frequency.

Back to work

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The health of our buildings has never been more important and we can help you create a safe, hygienic and hopefully, a happier working environment to return to whether through a service from us, or helping to optimise your in-house operation. 

} The SIX SAFE STEPS for getting back to business

  1. Installation of social distancing stickers, markers, signage and screens.

  2. Installation of alcohol gel points and availability of temperature checks

  3. Deep cleaning and disinfection including dry fogging to 5 microns

  4. Ensuring appropriate PPE

  5. Increasing cleaning schedule and enhancing surface preparation

  6. Monitoring of people

Back to Business Partnership

In line with Government guidelines Traffik can support you by:

  • Providing social distancing materials

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting including dry fogging to 5 microns, and periodically re-cleaning your premises

  • Enhancing your surface preparation to make surfaces easier to clean

  • Supplying you with appropriate PPE if required


We are here to support you so please call us today…

Let us HELP your business, whatever it is!

We are specialists in providing clean and safe surfaces throughout your buildings and will work with you to make cleaning, disinfection, PPE and social distancing easier and provide a safer and cleaner environment for all staff and visitors.

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