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Traffik offer professional help with cleaning and maintaining commercial furniture and upholstery.


We clean and maintain office chairs, sofas, armchairs, fabric-covered partitions, vehicle interiors, theatre auditoriums, restaurant seating, leather upholstery and tapestries.

Commercial furnishings get heavy use and quickly show signs of dirt and spillages. We specialise in using ultra-low moisture cleaning systems that guarantee excellent cleaning results in minimal time - upholstery is left clean and dry in a matter of minutes and can be put back into service immediately, minimising the impact to the business.


Keep your furniture looking presentable to clients and staff with a regular upholstery maintenance programme from Traffik:

Traffik Upholstery Maintenance Programme:

  • A re-occurring upholstery maintenance visit (bi-monthly, quarterly or annual visit)

  • Maintenance visits at a frequency and time that suits your business (day or night)

  • Delivered by a skilled commercial cleaning team (20+ years experience)

  • Environmentally friendly options – we can clean with just water

  • Efficient service with minimal business disruption

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