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Glass Cleaner and Protector in action -



Traffik search out the latest and best cleaning products and machines for their clients, so they don't have to.


With nearly 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning sector, we know exactly how to make the most out of your cleaning machinery and products, delivering optimum results every time. 



Toucan Eco 


Toucan Eco is the revolutionary new way to make your own certified cleaning solution and disinfectant on-site.  This clever eco cleaning product can not only replace the majority of your daily cleaning chemicals, it is also 100% safe for humans and animals. The endless list of benefits of this product (cost savings, labour savings, plastic reduction, no harmful chemicals etc) make it one of our top commercial cleaning products for any business. 

Tell me more about Toucan Eco 



Glass Cleaner and Protector

This combined glass cleaner and coating offers a protective layer to surfaces commonly exposed to water and moisture, providing long-lasting protection and helping to reduce the accumulation of dirt. 

It has been proven to lower the total time and cost for the routine maintenance of glass, mirrors and stainless steel by up to 80%*. 

Apply as a fine mist using spray bottles and simply wipe in with a glass-specific microfibre cloth to leave a high-gloss finish. The glass cleaner and protector can be applied as part of a commercial cleaning service from Traffik or purchased and applied direct by your own cleaning/maintenance team. 

Glass Cleaner and Protector - The Benefits:

  • Quick and easy application 

  • Suitable for daily spot cleaning and more intense periodic glass cleaning

  • Up to 80%* saving on daily spot cleaning 

  • Great results achieved in minimal time

  • Flexible enough to use at peak business times

*Results from a trial with a leading FM company indicated an 80% saving on spot cleaning regimes, however, we believe a 60% saving to be a more realistic expectation day-to-day. 

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