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Protect all surfaces and touch points for up to six months using a certified anti-bacterial surface protector. 

Antimicrobial surface coatings offer long-lasting, preventative protection against bacteria and virus. 

Antimicrobial Surface Protector

The Antimicrobial Surface Protector we promote is a silver ion, water-based anti-bacterial and anti-virucide 
coating that last up to six months – tested to EN 22196. The antimicrobial coating has now also been tested against the SARS-CoV-2_COV2019 ITALY/INMI1 virus and passed. A copy of the test report can be supplied upon request. 

This surface protector is safe to use and easy to apply to most surfaces and touch points. Use on tables, desks, chairs, doors, handles, keyboards, mouse, computers, phones and all types of hard non porous surfaces for long-lasting protection.


Antimicrobial Surface Protector - The Benefits

  • Pro-actively prevents and disrupts the growth of bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus) on treated surfaces

  • Easy to apply - two coats, touch dry in 10 minutes

  • Safe to use - water based 

  • *Tested and certified (EN 22196)

  • Works 24/7 to protect surfaces

  • The only clear coat in the market with these properties

*Antimicrobial Surface Protector - Test Reports

  • ISO 21702:2019 / antiviral

  • ISO 22196 / antibacterial

  • ISO 22196 / after 10 years

  • ISO 22196 / after 400 x wet scrub test and 1000 cycles taber resistance test - accelerated wear tests

  • ISO 2812-4 / chlorine resistance

  • ISO 7784 (ASTM D4060) / taber abrasion resistance

  • ISO 11998 / cleanability

Antimicrobial Surface Protector is now available to apply to surfaces in your business either by you or as a service from Traffik.  Please contact us using the details below.

Antimicrobial Surface Protector - Intro Kit


The antimicrobial surface protector intro kit provides a great way to test out the surface protector on a smaller area or office space prior to embarking on larger areas or full premises. The kit provides approximately 25sqm coverage of key surfaces and touchpoints. Surfaces sealed can even include IT equipment such as keyboards, mouse', touchscreens etc.

The kit includes:

  • 500ml cleaner

  • 500ml surface protector spray

  • 500ml surface protector cleaner

  • 1 x nano cloth

  • 1 x microfibre cloth

  • 1 x pair of gloves

  • 1 x seal bag


Kit cost: £130.00 including VAT and delivery. Order your antimicrobial surface protector intro kit by calling 01985 840400 or email

Antimicrobial Carpet Treatment

We are pleased to also offer an antimicrobial treatment designed specifically for carpets. This antimicrobial carpet treatment works to reduce the bacterial loading on the surface of the carpet and reduce odour. 

Toucan Eco 

Once you have applied your Antimicrobial Surface Protector you can use your usual daily surface cleaner to wipe away organic build-up. However, if you're looking for an eco-cleaner we recommend using Toucan Eco as part of your daily cleaning regime. Toucan Eco is an effective eco-friendly cleaning agent and disinfectant, safe enough to use on multiple surfaces. Stringent EU testing has shown Toucan Eco to be up to 99.999% effective against all forms of microorganisms including coronavirus. 

>> Find out more about Toucan Eco

Antimicrobial Carpet Treatment
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