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Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Traffik UK Ltd



Traffik are UK experts in commercial carpet cleaning and offer a sustainable way to restore and maintain carpets to a consistently high standard.

We specialise in restoring carpet believed to be ’impossible’ to clean, avoiding the need for costly replacement.

We offer a range of commercial cleaning services including environmentally friendly cleaning systems; with the ability to clean successfully with just water.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Encapsulation

  • ECA water technique – chemical-free cleaning

  • Hot water extraction

  • Dry carpet cleaning


We use the best cleaning machinery and products tailored to the job requirement and will work with you to provide a service that will ensure high standards of cleanliness are always met.

In over 90% of cases we can reinstate carpet to look as good-as-new


N-CAP is a revolutionary ultra-low moisture cleaning system that combines the best cleaning machinery and cleaning agents into a single cohesive cleaning system that delivers excellent cleaning results, time and time again.

Designed to deliver fast, effective cleaning across hard floors and carpets N CAP Professional will ensure your floors stay cleaner for longer. 

This easy-to-use system can be readily adopted by in-house cleaning teams or delivered by the Traffik operations team as part of an overall floor maintenance programme.

N-CAP combines:

  • Oztek oscillating premium and standard cleaning machines

  • Oztek Stepclean

  • Oztek cleaning agents and accessories

  • Smartcare Trio 

  • Crystal Dry restoration and maintenance

  • Toucan ECA

Antimicrobial Carpet Treatment


Protect your carpets with an antimicrobial carpet treatment developed to reduce the microbial loading in the carpet. Reduced bacteria means less airborne bacteria and odour. Simply spray directly onto the surface of the carpet for long-lasting surface protection. The treatment can be applied by Traffik as part of a carpet maintenance service.



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