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All stone (including granite) is porous and requires specialist treatment when it comes to cleaning.


General floor cleaning products do nothing to maintain the stone and can in some cases diminish the stone and its appearance. This is why we use the best stone-care products and equipment to successfully clean and maintain stone surfaces.

Traffik provide the following services for stone floors:

  • Anti-slip coating

  • Honing

  • Diamond grinding and polishing

  • Vitrification

  • Restoration and Maintenance


Tiled Floor Grouting


Cleaning and maintaining grouted tiles can be a challenge but Traffik’s dry-extraction cleaning system provides a fast and effective method for removing the build-up of grease and dirt on problem tiles.


Dry-Extraction Grout Cleaning System

  • Counter-rotating brushes that scrub the grout and dislodge dirt and grease

  • MicroSponges contain a blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients that dissolve and trap dirt and grease

  • Safe to use because they do not contain bleach or acid and do not emit any noxious fumes

  • The grouting is clean and dry as soon as the cleaning is done

This specialist cleaning service is available as part of a regular Traffik Maintenance Programme.


Traffik Maintenance Programme 


A regular hard floor maintenance programme from Traffik is the best way to keep your resilient floors safe for use, compliant with manufacturer slip ratings and looking good throughout its lifespan.  


  • A re-occurring maintenance visit (bi-monthly, quarterly or annual visit)

  • Maintenance visits at a frequency and time that suits your business (day or night)

  • Delivered by a skilled commercial cleaning team (20+ years experience)

  • Environmentally friendly options – we can clean with just water

  • Efficient service with minimal business disruption

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