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Traffik offer fast and effective anti-slip flooring solutions to commercial organisations throughout the UK.


We help companies to reduce the risk of slip related accidents and claims by establishing safer, compliant floors indoors and out.

Our 5-step anti-slip floor solution includes:


  1.  A professional slip assessment of your floor surfaces using the pendulum slip test to BS7976

  2.  Qualification of the risk of slipping, versus maintenance and floor contamination

  3.  Identification of the most effective non-slip flooring solution for your business

  4.  Application of one of the UK’s widest range of anti-slip flooring treatments or coatings to our exacting standards

  5.  Certification of final surface performance using the pendulum slip test to BS7976


We work with leading manufacturers No Skidding and Wearmax to provide anti-slip solutions that improve safety in areas with both wet and dry slip hazard potential.


We offer anti-slip solutions for all hard floor surfaces from vinyl and safety flooring to terrazzo and granite. The anti-slip floor coating is a clear product that can be applied to any resilient hard floor without altering the appearance of the floor itself.


Traffik provide full testing and evaluation of flooring for leading manufacturers, importers, architects and designers pre and post specification. Please visit our Partners page to see who we work with.



No Skidding manufacturer the most complete range of anti-slip products in the world.


Traffik are the exclusive UK distributor for a variety of the No Skidding product range from anti-slip floor treatments and coatings to safety tapes.


We can offer non-slip / anti-slip solutions for all hard floors and specialise in resolving problems on all hard floor surfaces.


Safety Tapes 


No Skidding offer the most complete range of compliant anti-slip tape in the industry. The non-slip tapes include a choice of textures, grit sizes, widths and lengths which can be ordered direct from Traffik by calling 01985 840400.



Bathrooms, showers and wet rooms with hard floors can become hazardous when wet, increasing the risk of slips and trips, and subsequent accident claims.


Traffik can help to make your hard floors safe with a simple anti-slip floor treatment, PU sealer, anti-slip bath mat or other coatings designed to increase the slip resistance of wet surfaces.


Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

The anti-slip floor treatment is a cost-effective, long-lasting coating designed for hard floors. It can be applied with minimum disruption and is effective immediately.


Anti-slip Vinyl Bath Mats

Traffik provide no-skidding bath mats to a number of leading hotel chains throughout the UK. The bath mats are suitable for residential and commercial environments, particularly care homes.  Order your anti-slip bath mats direct from Traffilk by calling 01985 840400.



Traffik is one of the leading slip resistance testing companies in the UK and offers both on-site slip-resistance tests and sample testing at our Head Office in Wiltshire.


It is a legal requirement to ensure the slip resistance provided by your commercial flooring is fit for purpose and meets the requirements of British standard BS7976 as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  


The TRL Pendulum Slip Resistance Test is the only assessment method recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Law Courts. Should someone slip or fall on your floor and decide to make a personal injury claim, the only evidence that is likely to be allowed in court will be Pendulum Test Results taken by an independent tester in the area in which the slip or accident occurred.


Traffik offer:

  • Complete floor testing and evaluation using the Pendulum test (to BS7976) to UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines

  • Slip Alert monitoring tools


Traffik provide test results in two ways:

  1. Assessment of pedestrian slip potential (existing floor untreated): A slip resistance test report showing - site tested, method used, results obtained (SRVs) and whether the floor is suitable for purpose.

  2. Assessment of pedestrian slip potential post Traffik anti slip treatment: A compliance certificate to confirm the slip resistance of the floor surface following treatment based on the BS7976 standard.

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