De-activate spores, virus and bacteria including coronaviruses


ECAs - safe, waste free disinfectants that can be produced on site for as little as £0.035pence per litre.


ECA Technology is the term used for Electrical Chemical Activation processes that produce powerful but entirely safe disinfectants and cleaning solutions using only the simple inputs of ordinary water and salt passed across a patented electrochemical cell. The solutions generated are non-toxic, non-allergenic and totally harmless to macro-organisms, including humans. This makes it safe to use across a wide variety of environments and applications.


ECA solutions at concentrations generated by the systems we supply have been tested in a US EPA accredited laboratory and has been proven to be 99.999% effective against small, non-envelope viruses.


Is ECA solution effective against the coronavirus?


These results demonstrate the efficacy of the ECA solutions against ‘hard to kill viruses’. Covid-19, with an enveloped structure, is classified as an ‘easier to kill virus’. In addition, the ECA solutions have been proved to be highly effective against spores (Bacillus subtilis, >99.999%, >Log5 reduction) in research by the University of the West of England. Spores are one of the most difficult microorganisms to kill due to their hard-outer structures.


These results are strong indicators that the ECA solutions we supply will be highly effective in killing Covid-19 virus.


 “The best available science indicates that the ECAS produced by the system (Traffik supplies) is effective against coronavirus,” explains Professor Darren Reynolds (BSc, PhD), Professor of Health and Environment in the Department of Applied Sciences at The University of the West of England, Bristol.


“There has been a lot of research looking into biocidal properties of ECAS, including its effect on a range of bacteria, fungal spores and viruses. Furthermore, this effectiveness can confidently be applied to the newly emerging virus SARS-CoV-2,” he continued.


In practice, the solution has an extremely rapid contact times (almost instantaneous), a very high kill rate and very low regrowth rate.


The solution is certified to BS EN 14476:2020, 16777:2020, 1276:2019 and 13607:2015, and can be used to sanitise large areas. You can make the solution onsite yourself, and as long as you have a supply of tap water, salt and electricity, you’ll never run out.


It’s also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which means the disinfectant can be left on surfaces and will continue to kill. And, as it’s safe, it can also be used for personal hygiene in the same way as alcohol and antibacterial-based hand gels. ECA solutions can also be applied in mist form to disinfect whole rooms.

As well as the small units (pictured above), we also provide plumbed in ECA units for medium to larger applications that generate 10 litres per charge, through to flow through units for continuous solution production as used in food processing and offshore industries. We provide comprehensive support to ensure the most appropriate unit is specified for your business; typically this is based on the environment, contamination levels, cleaning processes used and sizes of areas. 


In addition we are able to provide a service delivering disinfection through the use of 'dry' fogging systems to decontaminate areas such as bedrooms, offices, meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens etc. This is ideal for maintaining the health of an area of decontamination after illness or virus etc.

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