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Premier League Club protects rubber concourse floor with Wearmax floor seal

Wearmax - An innovative floor seal for sports stadiums


Sports and event stadiums are iconic across the UK and home to some of the biggest Premier League clubs.

With thousands of fans and staff present on match days, together with the increasing popularity of stadium tours these venues are frequently exposed to heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Many stadiums opt for rubber floor coverings – a robust, joint-friendly floor covering that is easy to install and well-suited to large venues. Despite its durability, over time the sheer volume of traffic and its type can lead to scuffing and abrasion to the surface of the floor, making it gradually more difficult to maintain and protect.

Furthermore insufficient barrier matting at some stadiums fails to remove the excess moisture and dirt carried in on footwear and trolleys, placing further demand on the rubber walkways.


Traffik were delighted to be consulted by LSS who manage maintenance operations on behalf of one of the biggest Premier League Clubs.

LSS offer support services to the sport and leisure market, delivering operational excellence at each of their client sites including football stadiums.

In this case LSS and the client was looking for a floor seal solution that would protect the existing rubber floor, increase the aesthetic appearance of the surface and exceed UK slip resistant standards of 36 (pendulum value BS7976).

The requirement was for a floor seal that could face up to the traffic demands, whilst also being suitable for machine and manual cleaning; one that would maintain a high standard of appearance throughout.

The new floor surface needed to offer an easier clean and reduce the amount of on-going floor maintenance required.

Due to the magnitude and popularity of the venue it was also important that the installation be quick and easy, with minimal disruption.

The Solution: Wearmax Ceramic Floor Seal

Following several consultations with the client Traffik recommended Wearmax as the most suitable solution for the rubber floor.

The superior abrasion resistance offered by Wearmax creates a much harder wearing surface than other floor seals and is well-suited to sporting and event venues.

Wearmax is also very quick and easy to apply which fitted well with the need for a quick turnaround.

Wearmax is a floor seal that holds ceramic particles in suspension, effectively meaning that unlike other seals that use ceramics to harden the core of the seal, once dry you have effectively given your existing floor surface a ceramic coating.

Core cleaning costs are significantly reduced (by as much as 50%) as Wearmax can be cleaned with just water. There is no stripping, sealing, buffing, polishing, burnishing, or maintenance pads required. This reduces labour, utilities, chemical storage and disposal costs.

In addition, and of real importance, is the fact that Wearmax seals from edge to edge, offers a level of slip resistance and evidently high wear characteristics.

The Installation Story:

Traffik visited the client ‘A Premier League Club’ on six separate occasions from April - July 2018 to prepare and seal sections of rubber flooring in one area of the concourse as per the client specification.

A total area of approximately 950m2 received the Wearmax treatment. To minimise disruption to the venue all works were carried out early morning in designated zones. Each installation was complete within 24 hours and included:

· Preparation and cleaning of the rubber floor to remove any contaminants, polish residues and to key the surface. This included the removal of chewing gum, tape and adhesive residues.

· Rinsing and neutralising to ensure the floor surface was Ph neutral

· Masking up of door thresholds and skirting

· Microfibre dust mop and vacuuming

· Application of the Wearmax primer, express Primer and Ceramic Coat

· Application of the UV Wearmax Topcoat

· UV curing

Once the Wearmax had been applied and fully cured pendulum tests were carried out to ensure that the new floor surface was fully compliant to UK standards. As well as our own certified testing the floor was also subject to independent testing.

The Result:

Wearmax has provided a clear top shield to the surface of the rubber floor. The new surface is highly abrasion resistant and easy to maintain. The surface does not require any form of polishing, buffing, stripping or sealing and can be cleaned quickly and effectively with just water.

The overall result is a floor that has been revitalised and its lifespan increased.

Traffik are proud to have partnered with LSS to deliver a successful end result to the client:

‘LSS consulted Traffik to undertake a site survey of the concourse area at a Premier League club in order to assess the deterioration to the rubber floor caused predominantly by heavy footfall. Following recommendation by Traffik Wearmax ceramic was applied to an area of the concourse in a bid to retain and protect the existing floor.

Traffik were professional throughout and worked hard to deliver the project quickly and efficiently.
18 months on and the floor still looks ‘as new.’

The surface has a smooth finish and has proved to be much harder wearing, standing up to the pressures of heavy footfall. Black marks have been visibly reduced and the overall effect is a floor that looks great and has been much easier for our cleaning teams to maintain.’

JMS (Contract Manager - LSS)

For further information about our anti-slip floor care and floor seal solutions including Wearmax please contact the office on 01985 840400 |


• Longer life floors, reduced core cleaning costs, cleaner and safer flooring.

• Removes the need for floor replacement – saving up to 60% in capex.

•Fast to implement than replacement, reducing disruption.

• No maintenance, just cleaning.

• Up to 10 year warranty*

• No more strip and seal and the associated labour costs and chemical usage.

• No polishing or buffing required.

• No loss of lustre.

• No black mark issues.

• Highly resistant to wear.

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