Coronavirus: Cleaning and Disinfecting for Businesses

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Coronavirus Cleaning

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, there’s never been a more important time to maintain a hygienic workspace and to uphold an effective level of infection prevention and control across your business.

It has been suggested that the Covid-19 virus could survive on surfaces from as little as a few hours to as much as several days depending on the surface type, although research into this continues. Studies have however concluded that by cleaning and disinfecting correctly coronaviruses can be killed within 60 seconds.

Here at Traffik we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services specifically for communal areas, office buildings and rooms.

This is how we can help...

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service:

We can provide a touchless, non-allergenic disinfection service including fogging that kills Coronavirus on impact. We can deep clean and disinfect carpets, hard floors and all exposed surfaces by ‘dry fogging’ all areas across your premises using ECA water (Electro-Chemical Activation).

Our Coronavirus Disinfection Fogging Service:

Our Touchless Coronavirus Disinfection service uses dry fogging machines that can produce a fog of 5 microns (extremely small) leaving areas effectively dry when finished. The fog will treat all areas in a room including the more inaccessible areas. This means that all areas can be decontaminated without contact:

· We can disinfect all offices, rooms and communal areas with ECA fogging

· We can clean, fog and disinfect upholstery using ECA water

· We can deep clean and disinfect carpet and hard floors using ECA water

· We can disinfect all exposed surfaces to offices, toilets, corridors etc

· We can disinfect all surfaces subject to touch transmission up to head height

Book your Coronavirus Disinfection Service:

01985 840400 |

Our team is available seven days a week and works in line with Public Health England Guidelines (PHE) to deliver a safe and professional service.

ECA Kills Coronaviruses
‘All the scientific evidence that is available indicates that coronaviruses are inactivated by ECA's.’
Professor Darren Reynolds, BSc (Hons), PhD, Professor of Health & Environment at UWE.

ECA Technology - Chemical-free Cleaning

ECA Technology refers to Electrical Chemical Activation processes that produce powerful but entirely safe disinfectants and cleaning solutions using only water and salt that is passed across a patented electrochemical cell.

ECA solutions at concentrations generated by the systems we supply have been tested in a US EPA accredited laboratory has been proven to be 99.999% effective against small, non-envelope viruses.

In practice, the ECA solution has an extremely rapid contact times (almost instantaneous), a very high kill rate and very low re-growth rate. The solution is also certified to both EN 1276:2019 and 13607:2015 and can be used to sanitise large areas.

It’s also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which means the disinfectant can be left on surfaces and will continue to kill. It can also be used for personal hygiene in the same way as alcohol and antibacterial-based hand gels. ECA solutions can also be applied in mist form to disinfect whole rooms.

>> Read more about ECA technology

For further information on our Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service and to book please contact the office on 01985 840400 | Whilst we recognise that a high proportion of UK businesses are temporarily closed our Coronavirus Cleaning Service is suitable for both businesses that have been exposed to Covid-19 and to those wanting to take a proactive approach to cleaning and hygiene prior to re-opening.

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