97% of people will choose a care home based on how clean it is




We work with care home providers to deliver outstanding standards of cleanliness.

A clean care home is not only crucial for aesthetic appeal but also for keeping residents safe and well. A happy, healthy environment can have a big impact on the welfare of residents and is also important for creating a good ‘first impression’ to families choosing a prospective home for their loved-ones.

We work with a number of the leading care providers to deliver specialist carpet and hard floor cleaning. Our services include ‘deep cleans’ or restoration cleans, infection control, spot removal and odour management. 

Invest in a regular floor maintenance regime that delivers consistently great cleaning results and saves you vital long-term capex:

  • Improve the overall environment for residents and staff

  • Improve CQC rating - cleaner homes achieve higher CQC ratings

  • Increase occupancy rates and income – families cite cleanliness as one of the most important factors when selecting a home 

  • Reduce overall core cleaning costs and labour efficiencies

  • Remove the need for floor replacement – saving up to 60% in Capex

The Traffik maintenance programme not only saves you money and improves your CQC rating, but produces significant additional income.

To maintain or replace

A care home rated ‘good’ by the CQC will have on average 10% of rooms unoccupied, which represents a huge loss of potential earnings. By investing in your cleaning services you can increase occupancy rate and earnings.

We conducted a study to establish the potential savings to care homes of properly maintaining their carpets vs carpet replacement. The potential £cost saving was staggering.

If you want to know how we can help improve your care home CQC rating and potentially save vital funds please get in touch with us.

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