Our Services

  • Carpet, hard floor and upholstery vacuuming using hospital grade HEPA filters to maximise air quality.

  • Carpet deep cleans using the appropriate products tore move tough marks and to reduce microbial loading of virus and bacteria; 3-4% hydrogen peroxide encapsulation chemical or Toucan ECAS synthetic chemical free cleaning solution

  • Unique to us, deep cleaning machinery that are predominantly used on carpet in healthcare for higher contamination levels

  • Ozone, UV or Toucan ECAs hard floor disinfection and cleaning.

  • Professionally trained staff with over 25 years’ experience of floor maintenance and working with carpet manufacturers


In-House Options

We are able to:

  • Review your existing floor system and process and make a proposal to you to optimise their performance and advise on appropriate frequencies to provide healthy workspaces.

  • Supply chemicals to maximise the performance of in-house carpet and hard floor cleaning systems.

  • Supply ‘easy to use’ equipment for carpet and hard floor cleaning that will reduce microbial loading.


Do you have questions about achieving a safe, hygienic work space for your business? Please contact us on 01985 840400 or

Our Services

  • A ‘touchless’ dry fogging disinfection service that provides a 5-micron ‘dry fog’ that will increase the health of a workspace significantly, leaving it dry and ready for immediate use. For all carpet cleans of over 300m² this service is included.


In-House Options

We are able to:

  • Provide dry fogging units for in-house use utilizing a 5 micron ‘dry fog’, capable of treating 30m³ room in approximately 5 minutes.

  • Provide Toucan ECAS system to produce enough solution for use in a dry fogging machine– for use in spray bottles, mops and machinery too.

Do you have questions about creating a healthier workspace in your business? Please contact us on 01985 840400 or



This is revolutionary!

Make your own disinfectant solution on-site and on demand with Toucan ECA systems. The non-allergenic and 100% recyclable solution produced will de-activate or kill 99.999% of spores, virus and bacteria on contact and it will replace up to 85% of the harsh chemicals you use on a daily basis.

Toucan ECA Solution

  • Certified to both EN 1276:2019 and 13607:2015

  • Safe for use in food preparation and is listed under Article 95 of the EU Biocides regulations.

  • Ideal for safe, frequent cleaning of surfaces and touch-points

  • Low cost to produce


These systems are available from units that produce one litre to full flow through systems, dependent upon the application.

Do you have questions about using safe, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly disinfectant in your business? Please contact us on 01985 840400 or


Surgical or FFP2/KN95 masks, Nitrile gloves and Alcohol gel are available from us to optimise staff and visitor safety on your premises.  

If you have any need for PPE in your business, we are already supplying our clients and would be delighted to support you. Please contact us on 01985 840400 or



Encourage social distancing in your business or home through the use of strategically places signage. We can supply the materials you need to make movement around your workspace easier and safer.

Stickers are available from £3.00 each



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