How to easily remove common spots and stains from carpets

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

'The floor is the face of your organisation,' says leading floor maintenance provider Progenta and how right they are!

A clean and welcoming business environment is vital for maintaining brand persona and positive client perception. Whatever sector you work in spots and stains are commonplace on carpets, especially with heavy footfall; but with the right regime they can be removed.

Common Stains Where possible, spills should be removed at the time of occurrence in order to prevent them from becoming permanent stains. Carrying out daily spot cleaning will also help to maintain a satisfactory carpet appearance between scheduled cleaning.

How to remove water-based stains Start by blotting the stain with a clean cloth or absorbent paper to remove any excess liquid. Next use a separate cloth moistened with cold water to remove the remainder of the stain, starting from the outside and working in. If the stain persists once dry, use a gentle cleaning agent to lift the stain such as Progenta’s Crystal Spot Remover.

Follow this process for tea, coffee, soda, wine, blood and urine spills.

Progenta Cystal Spot Remover

This stain remover for carpets uses crystals to encapsulate the contaminant. Simply spray onto the stain (following manufacturer guidelines) and then use the spotting tool to gently lift the substance. Remove residual ‘crystals’ by vacuuming.

  • suitable for daily use

  • carpet can be walked on immediately

  • leaves no sticky residue in carpet

  • recommended by carpet manufacturers

How to remove dried/aged stains For any dry/aged stain start by using a blunt object to loosen any contaminant and then vacuum thoroughly. To remove food/drink stains loosen any dried substance with a blunt object, vacuum and then follow the process for ‘water-based stains’ above.

How to remove chewing gum and oil-based stains Always use a suitable cleaning agent such as ‘Gum Remover’ to remove such stains.

‘Gum Remover’ is biodegradable and non-aerosol and can be applied to carpets, vinyl, upholstery and more. As well as removing gum it can also be used to remove ball point pen ink, blood, rubber marks, grease and more.

For guidance and advice on stain removal or to purchase Progenta Crystal Spot Remover or Traffik Gum Remover please contact us on 01985 840400 |

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