WEARMAX is like no other floor seal and extremely cost effective. If you are looking to reduce labour and product costs, protect a new floor with a floor seal with a warranty - look no further.

WEARMAX is ceramic floor seal, encapsulating the surface of you floor and warranted for 'wear-through' in Commercial for up to 5 years and Healthcare for up to 10 years. It is suitable for internal application to vinyl, lino, marmoleum, other resilient surfaces, wood and smooth concrete.

  • LONG LIFE - Up to 10 years warranty.
  • LONG LIFE - Ceramic has a hardness of 9.2 Diamond 10.
  • LONG LIFE - You walk on the ceramic particles not the finish.
  • LONG LIFE - WEARMAX case studies confirm locations where floors have been installed for in excess of 14 years (to a 25 year old floor) showing no marks, traffic lanes and still easy to clean.
  • REDUCED COSTS - Easier to clean and black marks will wipe off with just a cloth (standard floor seals mix with shoes rubber when scrapped as shoes rubber reached 600 degrees - ceramic melt point is 2200 degrees so they don't mix and as such are easier to remove).
  • REDUCED COSTS - No maintainance - no buffing, stripping sealing or polishing, just cleaning.
  • REDUCED COSTS - Just clean with water
  • REDUCED COSTS - Less labour, chemicals, pad etc.
  • REDUCED COSTS - Resistant to acid and alkaline solutions.
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION - One access for application once every five to 10 years rather than once, twice, three times plus per year.
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION - Anti-microbial option warranted for up to 5 years
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION - ESD option to DIN 61340-5-1 warranted for up to 5 years.
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION - Sports Floor slip resistance accredited DIN 18032 warranted for up to 5 years
  • SAFE - Slip resistant to 36+ BS7976 (Pendulum Test - wet) and easy to clean.
  • SUSTAINABLE - Reduces the need to replace floors and the impact on landfill.
  • INNOVATIVE - Available in all RAL colours as well as clear (matt, satin and gloss)
  • INNOVATIVE - Encapsulate information/branding, logos, safety signage for long life.

We work:

  • To install WEARMAX for you.
  • Train your teams to install WEARMAX - and we will audit works to to support the warranty.
  • To minimise disruption.
  • To maximise results.
  • Daytime or night time.
  • Weekends.

Our expert help is always on hand to support you when you need it most. 

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