OZTEK - A New Standard in Carpet Cleaning

The Oztek is a revolutionary carpet and floor cleaning machine that is faster and more efficient than anything else on the market, and produces exceptional results.

In 26 years working in the cleaning and maintenance business we have never seen anything like the Oztek and we are very excited about what it can achieve. We have seen our business revolutionised by being able to deliver a standard of cleaning that can restore carpet even in the more demanding environments, quickly and easily.

Oztek is able to clean and disinfect carpets and hard floors without added chemicals, as required and to a level that is certifiable* - cleaning to a truly excellent standard. We combine the option of Centrego Toucan  'ECA' water and/or 'Encapsulation' technology to enable you to provide a cleaning process that meets and exceeds the demands of your clients and the environment - this is a simple but devastatingly effective ultra-low moisture system.

Why so good?

Over the years the cleaning and maintenance industry has heard, seen and more often than not, dismissed a myriad of claims made in the name of carpet cleaning from cost, to time taken, to the level of cleanliness achievable, sustainability, wet or dry? And whilst many traditional carpet cleaning methods, both wet and dry meet current expectations, the fact remains that too many carpets are still not cleaned to acceptable or indeed certified standard and are consigned to land fill sites way before their life expectancy, causing huge and unnecessary expense to commercial, healthcare and public sector organisations.

Oztek is a fast cleaning system for both carpeted and hard flooring that wipes clean carpet fibres and floor surfaces from all angles, oscillating dirt and contaminates from fibres and surfaces, removing soil which traditional methods are simply not capable of. The Oztek opens and restores carpet pile fast and efficiently - for instance 200sq metres of heavily contaminated nursing home carpet can be cleaned in one hour, leaving it looking like new and odour free.




The technology means:

  • Speeds of 1750 RPM
  • Fibres are cleaned from all angles and not just one, as with most other machines - the head efficiency of the Oztek means the highest cleaning standards with no additional weights required.
  • All contaminates and dirt are removed and not pushed back into the pile.
  • Fibres are lifted and carpet structure restored.
  • Floors are restored to the highest possible standard.

Because our machines are so fast, large areas of carpet or hard flooring can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, meaning day time cleaning,  less disruption, less downtime and quicker occupancy.

The benefits:

  • Fast cleaning solution for carpet and hard floor.
  • Wipes clean carpet fibres and floor surfaces from all angles - certifiable cleaning standard including sanitised surfaces.
  • Oscillates dirt and contaminates from fibres and surface - removes soil not removed by traditional methods.
  • Opens up and restores carpet pile fast and efficiently - restores carpet to optimum standard in many cases to like new

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