Traffik - the champions of floor sustainability - provide a holistic range of products and services designed to keep coverings on the floor longer through effective maintenance, high quality coatings and specialist treatments, including:

  • Floor Resealing - Suitable for high traffic areas in a wide variety of settings, PU Floor Resealing from Traffik transforms all vinyl, linoleum and other hard floor surfaces with a permanent, brand new wear layer that refreshes, re-colours and can make your floor anti-slip, anti stain or anti static and hermetically sealed.
  • Anti Slip Flooring - As the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of anti-slip flooring treatments and coatings, Traffik have solutions for all hard floor surfaces, providing professional slip assessment, diagnosis, application and certification.
    • Bathroom & Shower Anti Slip Flooring - Bathrooms, showers and wet rooms can all be made safe with Traffik’s Anti Slip treatments, reducing the chance of slip-related injuries.
    • Problem Floor Troubleshooting - Problems with the maintenance of your anti-slip floors can be resolved by our tried and tested troubleshooting methodologies.
    • Anti Slip Flooring - Prevention - The risk of slips and trips is a liability that you should not ignore. Traffik’s proven preventative measures help you to mitigate this exposure.
    • Slip Assessments - Before taking steps to prevent the risk of slips or trips on your floors, it is important that a thorough assessment be carried out to ensure the most appropriate and effective solution is selected.
  • Anti Static Flooring - Working in partnership with Dr Schutz, Traffik provide a permanent anti static system that  ensures static electricity is effectively dispersed and which is ideal for sensitive electronics environments such as manufacturing, hospitals and data centres.
  • Anti Stain Flooring - Avoid flooring damage related to stains with Traffik’s anti-stain PU floor coating from Dr Schutz. A liquid version of the PU wear layer found in manufactured vinyl flooring, this coating acts as both a sealer and a new wear layer, preventing damage to your flooring should spills occur.
  • Regular Maintenance Services - Traffik's regular maintenance services keep your floors and upholstery looking good throughout their life and can help them to exceed manufacturer specified warranty periods.
    • Carpet Maintenance - Carpet rarely wears out and is usually replaced prematurely due to a lack of, or incorrect cleaning and maintenance. Regular carpet maintenance from Traffik is the best way to keep your carpets looking good.
    • Hard Flooring Maintenance - Hard flooring rarely becomes a slip hazard due to wear alone. Providing that it was fit for purpose and had the appropriate slip rating when installed, then replacement is often required prematurely due to a lack of, or incorrect cleaning, sealing and maintenance. Regular maintenance by Traffik keeps your floors safe, looking good and compliant with manufacturer’s slip ratings.
    • Stone Flooring Maintenance - All too often stone flooring is sold as a maintenance free product, which causes unrealistic expectations regarding its care. Traffik treat your floors with the care necessary to minimise the damaging effects associated with poor maintenance and environmental conditions, ensuring that your stone flooring looks good and lasts.
    • Upholstery Maintenance - Regular upholstery maintenance from Traffik protects your investment in seating, delivering a clean image to staff and clients while ensure a healthy, hygienic working environment and extending the life of your upholstery.
  • Specialist Cleaning Services - Traffik provide a complete range of specialist commercial cleaning services for carpeting, hard flooring and upholstery.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Traffik’s range of specialist carpet cleaning services includes: electrolytic carpet cleaning, micro-fibre carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning for products such as coir, sisal and seagrass.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning - Traffik’s dry carpet cleaning system, involving no water or harsh chemicals, means that carpets are dry during the cleaning process and can be walked on. The area is ready for use immediately afterwards, with minimum disruption to your business. Dry cleaned carpets stay cleaner longer and there is no risk of water damage, shrinkage, mildew or mould.
  • Hot Water Extraction - While dry carpet cleaning is more suitable in most scenarios, In certain circumstances Traffik use powerful hot water extraction cleaning machinery and products to deliver amazing results on all types of carpet from wool blends through to modern hi-tech fibres.
  • Chemical-free Cleaning - Traffik offer safe and effective chemical-free cleaning solutions using ECA water (Electro-Chemical Activation). 
  • Hard Flooring Cleaning - Traffik specialise in Hard Floor Cleaning to keep your hard floors looking good throughout their life and exceeding manufacturer specified warranty periods.
  • Chair Cleaning - Office chairs, restaurant chairs, hospitality, nursing homes and more, if your chairs need cleaning then Traffik offer a fast, effective and reliable service you can rely upon.
  • Upholstery Cleaning - Traffik’s expert, experienced personnel use only the finest products, equipment and techniques to clean and revitalise your fabric or leather upholstery.

For more information or to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists about any of the above solutions, please make an enquiry, call us during office hours on: 01985 840400 or email: [email protected].



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