As one of UK’s leading slip resistance testing companies, both for on-site and sample testing, Traffik is ideally positioned to offer a service for slip assessment of your floors.

A floor must be fit for purpose (Bristol City Council vs Ellis 2007)

  • Do you have slip issues?
  • Have you, or your Environmental Officer, assessed your floors and expressed concern about the risk of slipping?
  • Has someone slipped or fallen and made a personal injury claim against you?

Many businesses know that they have a slip issue but are unaware of the scale of the problem. Knowing the slip resistance of your floors forms part of an effective risk assessment and this is now a legal requirement.

The TRL Pendulum Slip Resistance Test is the only assessment method recognised by the HSE and the Law Courts. Should someone slip or fall on your floor and decide to make a personal injury claim, the only evidence that is likely to be allowed in court in relation to the safety of your floors (or otherwise) will be Pendulum Test Results taken by an independent tester in the area in which the slip or accident occurred.

Traffik offer a complete floor testing and evaluation service. The service extends from Pendulum testing to UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines Issue 4 2011, through to the supply of monitoring tools such as the Slip Alert.

Traffik use the Pendulum Slip Test (to BS7976) as the most reliable form of slip assessment and the one adopted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) as the standard HSE test method for the assessment of pedestrian slip potential.

Each Traffik office has access to a Pendulum Slip tester and is fully trained by SATRA (UKAS pending) to offer you accurate assessment and our equipment is fully re-calibrated after the appropriate number of tests.

Traffik provide test results in two ways:

  1. Assessment of Pedestrian Slip Potential (existing floor untreated): A slip resistance test report showing - Site Tested, Method Used, Results Obtained (SRVs) and whether the floor is suitable for purpose.
  2. Assessment of Pedestrian Slip Potential post Traffik anti slip treatment: A compliance certificate to confirm the slip resistance of the floor surface following treatment based on the BS7976 standard.

For more information or to discuss your requirements with one of our floor testing specialists, please make an enquiry, call us during office hours on: 01985 840400 or email: [email protected].



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