HARD FLOOR CLEANING - Resilient, Stone, Tile and Wood

We specialise in Hard Floor Cleaning to keep your hard floors looking good throughout their life and exceed manufacturer warranty periods. Most resilient flooring like linoleum or vinyl rarely wears out, it is usually replaced prematurely on aesthetics due to a lack of, or incorrect cleaning sealing and maintenance. Should your resilient floor be damaged or suffer excessive wear it can be resealed, recoloured or redesigned using Traffik’s PU Design Service to avoid replacement.

Traffik look at the whole picture and consider the demands of each installation taking into account, traffic (type and volume) image (whether front of house or back office), budget available and access with regards to cleaning of the floor surface with little or no down-time. Traffik can also provide all the training and equipment for single site cleaning by in-house personnel such as a caretaker in a school, ensuring simple to use and effective resilient floor cleaning methodology. Traffik will also provide scheduled regular maintenance for any size of site from a national retail multi-site contract or large single sites such as a warehouse or storage complexes.

This specialist cleaning service is also available as part of a regular maintenance programme.

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