WEARMAX MEDICAL PRO® - Ultra safe surfaces.

Wearmax - long lasting safety seal with up to 10 years warranty to reduce slips and bacteria!

Cleanliness is crucial, especially in the clinical sector. WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO satisfies all essential standards. It is conductive and meets all requirements according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 in ESD areas. In addition WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO offers high slip-resistance  at 36+ in the wet BS7976)  and anti-microbial protecton and thanks to and the ease of clean has proven to be extremely benefical in all medical facilities. 
Many items are dropped on your ward floors, such as catheters, notes, gloves etc, picked up and placed on trays, hands are placed on patients etc - WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO helps reduce cross contamination through contact.
Other benefits of WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO are the extensively increased resistance to disinfectants and reduced bacterial attack. WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO delivers economically, environmentally and reduces lifecycle costs. The demonstrably longer service life of the floors and long-time protection against signs of use are unique - no traffic lanes, no uv damage and NO black marks!.

Why so good?

Wearmax maintains its appearance and slip resistance through cleaning only - WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO has been in hospitals in Europe for the past 15 years with no sign of degredation, not trafic, lanes, wear marks, UV damage. It increases the life of all types of floor surface floors, maintains the highest of appearance and provides a surface that meets the demands for the healthcare environment.

With up to 10 year warranty, WEARMAX® MEDICAL PRO means that you can reduce client interruption, no more stripping and sealing, no more buffing, polishing - just cleaning for up to 10 years.

Wearmax consists of approximately120 million particles per square metre of seal, designed to sit in suspension, so your staff and visitors walk on the ceramics, not the final finish. What does this mean? Well ceramics have a hardness of 9.2 (Mohs) where diamond has a hardness of 10 (Mohs). As such the finish doesn't wear like a conventional floor seal,  the ceramics provide the strength, anti-slip properties (BS7976) and a resistance to black marks, which just wipe off the surface. There is no need to strip and seal, so no need for frequent use of harsh chemicals, water, pads and labour. The cost to you and the environment is significantly reduced. 






The technology means:

  • Reduce costs – no stripping or cleaning chemicals, reduced labour costs, up to 10 year warranty
  • Reduce labour use – no stripping , sealing just clean with water
  • Reduce chemical use – clean with water
  • Reduce client interruptions – up to 10 year warranty
  • Increase floor aesthetics – no black mark problems
  • Highly resistant to wear – up to 10 year warranty
  • Really user-friendly
  • Slip resistant to typically 40+ (wet) BS7976
  • Anti-microbial option – as many things are dropped on the floor!
  • Resistant to disinfectants to a high degree
  • Resistant to acids and alkaline solutions
  • Maintenance free – just clean with water

Because our machines are so fast, large areas of carpet or hard flooring can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, meaning day time cleaning,  less disruption, less downtime and quicker occupancy.

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