WEARMAX - Maximum use - minimal maintenance!

WEARMAX® EDUCATION is a revolutionary long lasting floor seal that will maximise the performance of floors in your education establishment and is warranted for up to 5 years.

Highly trafficked floors such as vinyl lino and wood are traditionally tough to clean, expensive to maintain, labour intensive and require volumes of water, chemicals , pads and so on. Wearmax cermaic floor seal changes everything!

WEARMAX® EDUCATION is a ceramic floor seal - like no other - with up to a 5 year wear through warranty. Using Wearmax reduces labour and chemical costs, providing slip resistant and anti-microbial properties - all with no interruptions for maintenance and not a black mark in sight! Great for schools, colleges and universities where footfall is high and  and wear and tear is tough. Wearmax creates a surface that is simple to maintain and great to use.

Why so good?

WEARMAX® EDUCATION maintains its appearance and slip resistance through cleaning only - no periodic stripping & sealing or frequent buffing/polishing - purely cleaning with water,  a mild pH cleaner or the Toucan ECA chemical free water system. Wearmax has been installed in hospitals in Europe for 15 years with no signs of traffic lanes, no UV damage or degradation.

Wearmax consists of approximately120 million particles per square metre of seal, designed to sit in suspension, so your staff and visitors walk on the ceramics, not the final finish. What does this mean? Well ceramics have a hardness of 9.2 (Mohs) where diamond has a hardness of 10 (Mohs). As such the finish doesn't wear like a conventional floor seal,  the ceramics provide the strength, anti-slip properties (BS7976) and a resistance to black marks, which just wipe off the surface. There is no need to strip and seal, so no need for frequent use of harsh chemicals, water, pads and labour. The cost to you and the environment is significantly reduced. 





The technology means:

  • Reduce costs – no stripping or cleaning chemicals, reduced labour costs, up to 10 year warranty
  • Reduce labour use – no stripping , sealing just clean with water
  • Reduce chemical use – clean with water
  • Reduce client interruptions – up to 10 year warranty
  • Increase floor aesthetics – no black mark problems
  • Highly resistant to wear – up to 10 year warranty
  • Really user-friendly
  • Slip resistant to typically 40+ (wet) BS7976
  • Anti-microbial option – as many things are dropped on the floor!
  • Resistant to disinfectants to a high degree
  • Resistant to acids and alkaline solutions
  • Maintenance free – just clean with water

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