Anti Stain Floor Sealing Treatments

Engineering a Stain Free Floor

Discover how to reduce cleaning costs, avoid floor replacement, reduce and eliminate odour issues particulalry in toilet and en-suite environments using long-life anti-stain seals from Traffik UK Limited. Our clients have saved significant replacement costs and have reduced labour costs by applying the seals to all types of resilient floors - esepcially safety flooring which can be very difficult to clean.

Ideal for applications in laboratories, hospital operating theatres, dentists and hairdressers, our anti-stain solution can also be combined with an anti-slip flooring option where required, to provide a safe, ‘non-slip’ floor with exceptional spill resistance.

The issue of flooring damage related to spilled chemicals or abrasive marks, such as those caused by tyres or casters is an ongoing challenge within many industries. Traffik has the solution - the professional application of an anti-stain long-life floor coating from Dr Schutz, which is a liquid version of the PU wear layer found on manufactured vinyl flooring.

Our anti-stain flooring solution acts as an effective seal and provides a new wear layer, preventing damage to your flooring should spills occur.

The Dr Schutz PU system applied by lead contractor Traffik is up to ten times thicker than the typical PU wear layer on a manufactured floor and cures to a hard wearing surface, removing the need for floor replacement and improving the ease of maintenance as an added bonus.

Our expert help is always on hand to support you when you need it most. 

For more information or to discuss your requirements with one of our anti-stain floor specialists, please make an enquiry, call us during office hours on: 01985 840400 or email: [email protected].


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